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Generació Digital: The Video Game
Generació Digital: The Video Game
by Matra Computer Automations

The studios of Catalunya Rądio have always been very clean, but they have bought a Saamba® automatic brooms to test them. Suddenly, they have become crazy and now roam through the well-uncontrolled station. Only the members of the Generació Digital will be able to dominate this technological terror!
You have to collect the cubes that appear in every corner and then go to the floppy disk that will appear in the center of the screen, so for eight levels. The Saamba® what they do is bother, they are harmless, if they just touch you are astounded a few moments.
In this game is not killed, do not kill you, you do not lose any life and you are not against a clock to get any score, you only count the time you play. Then you will see if it is much or not.

This release IS FOR FREE.,
If you want a free cassette release
just buy 5 or more ZX Spectrum games from our boutique
and our robots will include it in your order.

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Generació Digital; The Video Game

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